About Me \

I am obsessed with overcoming
obstacles by understanding people and improving processes.

I own this obsession.

I grew up living with a single mother in the military, so obstacles were everywhere.

I moved all the time, living with little to no adult supervision. At one point, a fire burned down my house and most of my meager possessions.

Instead of breaking me, these obstacles taught me a valuable lesson:
We are all that we need to succeed.

I went on to study industrial engineering at the University of Buffalo. Later, I earned my master’s degree in engineering management from Drexel University.

My education taught me two things:

  • People can’t succeed at scale without processes.
  • Processes that don’t take people into account are actually harmful.

After graduation, I found a kindred spirit in the logistics industry. Logistics is all about overcoming obstacles to keep things moving forward. I learned to embrace each new obstacle in my path as an opportunity for growth.

Starting as an intern, I rose to the level of Chief Operating Officer, honing my craft:

  • Improved routing for over 300 drivers moving 35,000
    packages a day at UPS.
  • Created cross-functional job aids that Staples adopted
  • Led a Kaizen event solution at Transportation Insight that
    reduced sales cycles by 75%.

Over the years, I’ve seen every aspect of the logistics industry. I’ve negotiated multi-million-dollar RFPs. I’ve led the development of ERPs and implemented entire FAPS. But I never forgot about the people behind the systems.


  • Co-founded a networking group to support women in
  • Volunteered on an educational advisory board to help future
    problem solvers.
  • Built teams based on personal enrichment and professional

Today, as CEO of Solving Work, I help other logistics leaders overcome their own obstacles. I’ve worked with managers everywhere, and I’ve seen that most of them are struggling to stay afloat. The shipping industry presents constant challenges, both time sensitive and cross-functional.

At Solving Work, our three-step engagement process helps those managers:

Discover Pain Points

Reveal the Root Cause

Implement Solutions

Solving Work helps logistics teams plug the holes, so they can set sail for a brighter future.

I always enjoy the opportunity to connect, so please reach out to me at jess@solvingwork.com to talk more!