For anyone who missed it, we hosted our very first LinkedIn Live event last Thursday!

We were excited to follow up on our Peak Season Webinar from October and share some easy, low/no cost tactics to help logistics leaders maintain themselves and their teams during the most hectic time of the year.

With the frenzy and frenetic pace of Peak Season, it’s easy to think the only way to survive is put our head down, power through anything in our way, and ignore the personal cost. But as our CEO Jessica Windham explains, this is exactly the type of behavior that logistics leaders need to avoid. Practicing self-care, and creating a positive culture of considerate accountability for your team, is the best way for logistics departments to thrive heading into the new year.

As a complement to this discussion on self-care, our white paper on managing inputs breaks down ways to increase personal bandwidth while maintaining mental/emotional clarity at work. These two resources combine to provide leaders with the best practices for showing up as their best selves.

For anyone who would like to learn more about surviving and thriving during Peak Season, please reach out to us here, and make sure to follow us on LinkedIn for more live events and helpful content!