Our CEO Jessica Windham recently sat down with leading TMS provider FreightPOP for their Leaders in Logistics feature.

At Solving Work, focusing on people’s wellbeing is our number one priority. In this feature, Jess shares the risks of failing to prioritize your team’s mental health, and also dives into where people first leadership will fit into the AI revolution.


“Most shippers struggle to find and properly implement solutions due to time constraints and supply chain disruptions. I’m all too familiar with this “Doom Loop” from some of my previous roles, and I’ve seen it lead to poor decisions and burnout. Leaning on this very same industry experience, I’m hoping to help shippers break the cycle.”

“Burnout is common in places where companies remain stagnant. Investing in your teams and solving recurring problems is crucial to fighting burnout, and retaining employees. With advancements in technology–especially AI and automation–this is easier than ever before.”

“Technological advancements have lowered the threshold where automation becomes feasible too. However, there’s still a prevailing misconception about AI and machine learning. Many think of them as magic pills, but in reality, their efficacy depends on the quality of data input. You can automate a bad process, but it isn’t a good idea.”

“Putting people first, valuing empathy, and cultivating a positive team culture is essential. The industry can be draining, and it’s vital to set protective boundaries. By taking care of yourself and your team, and having solid processes in place, we can prevent burnout and ensure retention.”

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